FAQ (Frequently asked Questions)

Q: Where is the Elite Pool?
A: Elite Sports and Wellness: 6402 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

Q: Where are your pools located?
A: We have 3 locations.
     1. Elite Sports and Wellness
     2. Walden (Neighborhood pool) You must be a resident
     3. Colonial Golf and Tennis Club (CGTC) You must be a member

Q: Do you teach group lessons (multiple students with 1 coach)
A: CCC prides itself on teaching only private one-on-one swim lessons. We individually evaluate each student’s skills and tailor their lessons based upon their needs.

Q: How are your lessons sold?
A: We sell our lessons in bundles of 5. Typically, Sun-Th from Sept-May. During the spring & summer we teach lessons Sun-Thurs, M-F, and Fri, Sat, Sun, Fri, Sat.

Q: Do you offer once-a-week (OaW) lessons?
A: Yes, we offer OaW private swim lessons every month of the year and every day of the week. Most of our once-a-week lessons are taught from Sept-May, and we do teach OaW lessons in the summer.

Q: What skill levels do you teach?
A: We teach all skill levels from beginner (frightened swimmer) to advanced swim team students.

Q: What are the session prices?
A: A group of 5 -30 minute single student lessons is $270.00. A group of 5 -45 minute sibling student lessons is $390.00. (Each sibling swims for 22.5 minutes)

Q: Are makeup lessons available if I have to miss a lesson?
A: We do not schedule makeup lessons, give lesson credits, or refunds.

Q: Can I bring my child to lessons if they are feeling sick?
A: Please do not bring your child to lessons if they are nauseous, running a fever or are severely congested. Contact Coach Diane or your instructor if you will miss a lesson.

Q: What do I need to bring to lessons?
A: Bring a towel and a swimsuit (required).

Q: Do you have changing rooms?
A: We have male and female locker rooms. We also have a family bathroom. Please use the family bathroom if a Mom is bringing a son or a Dad bringing a daughter.

Q: Do you teach adult swim lessons?
A: Yes, we teach adult lessons.

Q: Can I get a specific coach for my child?
A: Yes, the coaches are listed on the sessions in our online scheduler.

Q: How do I sign up for lessons again?
A: Visit our online scheduler to view and sign up for additional sessions.