CCC Swimming Process

Water safety: If student falls into pool, can roll over & kick to closest side by self, and pull self out

General Goals for 3-year-old:

      • Face in water and blow bubbles
      • Enter & exit the pool
      • Feel comfortable on back with ears in the water

General Goals for 4-year-old:

All of the above

      • Jump in roll to back and kick to opposite side of pool, rollover and pull self out of pool
      • After completing the above with the instructor out of the pool, parents bring clean clothes (over swimsuit) and jump in, rollover, and kick to the side.

General Goals for 5-year-old:

All the above

      • Backstroke ½ length
      • Starting Freestyle arms
      • Sitting dive

General Goals for 6-year-olds

All the above

      • Freestyle with rotary breathing
      • Backstroke 1 length
      • Standing dive
      • Tread water

General Goals for 7+ year-olds

      • Backstroke
      • Freestyle
      • Breaststroke
      • Butterfly